Depression Resources

The Veteran’s Crisis Line

Before you decide that the final step is the next step, you owe it to yourself to reach out and speak to another human being.  If you cannot bring yourself to do so on your own behalf, do so for those you love and will be leaving behind.

I too have been to that “jumping off place”.  I found help here… give them a chance.

The Noonday Demon

Andrew Solomon’s TED Talk on depression is perhaps the most eloquent description of the suffering and the fight we endure battling against a depressive spiral.  I have also his fascinating and compelling book of the same name in my Reading List on the Front Page.

Please check out his talk here:

The Physical Aspect of Depression

Just as with heart disease or with a broken leg (hardly anyone would be so ignorant as to suggest that recovering from either of those afflictions is just a matter of “pulling yourself together”), empirical, measurable changes are occurring within the brain of the individual suffering depression.

The good news is that knowing there is a physical component, there are steps that can be taken to address both the psychological and physical aspects of this disease both on the part of the patient and the physician.

Stanford’s Robert Sapolsky gives an excellent summation of both the physical and psychological interplay.  Knowing this, we can take action to countermand this wicked illness.

Check it out here: