The Sea Lion Blog is a page I began after leaving treatment for crushing depressions for the third time in four years.  In the span of 24 months or so, these depressions had gone from an occasional day in which I could not bear to get up and see the sight of another human being, to a daily experience of joylessness, darkness, misery, and hopelessness.

This overwhelming sense of dread has seen me seek solace- not even a euphoria anymore- in alcohol and other such (alcohol alone has been effective in making me feel less “awful”, unlike the drugs the Doc’s keep feeding me, which for all the effect they provide I may as well be eating Gummy Bears- at least they’d taste good, as well as cost a lot less! Ha!)

I have in recent months started working on processing all this emotional baggage.  It appears that regardless of my military and business achievements and the recognition therefrom, my social standing, and my place in life, these “Ghosts of the Past” must be addressed, and that is what I seek to do here- hopefully with the help of others wrestling with similar demons of their own.

Please, pull up a chair, read the stories.  If you are in a “dark place” I hope that you feel less alone.  If you have strength to share, please do so.  I know that I will appreciate it, and hope that our words will be expanding ripples in a pond of hope and fearlessness.

The Sea Lion